The Port Sunlight Experience – (10:00 | 30/06/2024 – Open until 4:30pm)


For family groups, select the number of adults and children in your party. Our ticketing system will apply the family discount.
696 tickets slots available


This unique package entitles you to visit Port Sunlight Museum and the Edwardian Worker’s Cottage.

Our Museum tells the story of William Lever and his vision in creating this village for workers at his Sunlight Soap factory. Explore how the village developed over the years, from the working and living conditions to the charming architecture. Visitors get a chance to step inside a worker’s cottage and experience everyday life in Port Sunlight in Edwardian times. Visitors can explore the recreated home of the Carr Family who were long-time tenants and worked in the Lever Brothers factory.

You can download a map here to orientate yourself around The Port Sunlight Experience and make the most of your visit to the village.